Sept. 24-30, 2023


Are you ready to be one of them?

Discover How to Unleash Your Unique Powers and Harness the Groundbreaking Characteristics Needed to Be a Resilient Leader, Thriving in Whatever Circumstances Arise Today and Tomorrow.

Leaders, High Performers, CEO's and CxO's…

You’ve excelled at everything, your entire life –Top of the class, varsity team, perfect career, record numbers for the business,


Do you FEEL successful?

Are you truly happy?

And, What is it costing you?

  • CEOs tend to be very lonely and have very high burn out rates, particularly women.

  • Of the super rich in the US, a colossal number have a drug dependency problem.

  • Often their partner has left and/or their children have gone off the rails.


It’s the Void. The inner drive that pushes you beyond the pain that other humans aren’t willing to endure...

To get to the next level. And the next. And the next.

It’s your life force, sense of purpose, and fuel for creativity…

But, when you can’t “shut it off,” it’s destructive; costing you your health, your family, your relationships, and sometimes, your sanity.

For example...

How have your partner and children been getting along?

Do your staff love you?

Do you love them?

If you died tomorrow, what would they say in the obituary about you?

Would all of your efforts really be acknowledged, or would some people be saying “What was the point? I never saw him!"

We spend our entire lives chasing money only to find, on our deathbed, it wasn’t what we were looking for. In the end, the Greats don’t lament: “I wish I made more money.”

They say: “I wish I spent more time with my family…” “I wish I took care of my body…”

“I wish I could do it over again.”

Most leaders have a sense this is happening, but they don’t know what to do about it. They feel like they don’t have time, or are even afraid to stop and take a look. And, even worse, many are bewildered that having achieved so much that society admires, they still have that emptiness inside.

They tolerate the way it “has to be.” They gather more wealth but are left unsatisfied…

When life can truly be extraordinary.

Because, when you harness that drive, it no longer drives you. You take control of your life in a new way. The Void is filled when you understand where it comes from, where you are at, and what’s important to you.

Then, you step into a life of true contentment. You feel lighter. Clearer.

You unleash a new level of creativity and leadership. You FEEL successful. You like yourself more, you’re more likeable.

And…you become a better leader, partner, parent, lover.

Completely Transformed.

That’s why we created this retreat. To help leaders like you harness that drive and LEAD THROUGH THE VOID into a life of confidence, contentment, and control.


Limited Spots Available! 50% off Scholarships are available to individuals who wish to attend,

but aren't supported by a corporate organization.

ATTEND If you want to:

  • Fast track to your undiscovered power and unique gifts

  • Deep understanding of what drives you and how to harness it to achieve greater success as a leader

  • An outpouring of creativity and insight into how to cause your life and business to thrive at a new level

  • Advanced leadership skills that empower you to motivate your team to more effective action

  • Clarity in decision-making and handling conflicts

  • Improved emotional stability and resilience in unpredictable ​circumstances

  • Energy and confidence, knowing how to be a positive influence and an empowering ​leader

  • Money Magnetism: See surprising sources of financial and personal success show up like magic



SEPTEMBER 24-30, 2023

Put Life Back in Your Leadership!

Have you ever noticed that when you DO go on vacation and relax, your creative flow turns on, and countless ideas come flooding in?

Not only will your brain ignite ideas during this retreat, but you will also develop the tools to head back to work and implement them.

Return to your office with renewed energy and purpose!

At this retreat in Guatemala, you’ll be on “vacation,” relaxing and rejuvenating. That, combined with specifically designed experiences and learning opportunities will leave you connected, inspired, and flooded with ideas.

You’ll finally understand how the void drives so many aspects of your life and how to side-step it to tap into undiscovered depths of power!

You’ll become a different leader – one bursting with life and drive and enthusiasm for what you can create for yourself and your team!

Plus, unlike other retreats, this experience is designed to give you lasting results and an incredible toolbox you can use to up your leadership in months and years to come.

Join us at the retreat to reconnect with your aliveness and get the ideas and inspiration you need!


Step away from your daily demands to a new location where you’ll experience a fresh perspective, fun, and rejuvenation.

Become a MORE Confident, Inspiring Leader! Learn to harness your drive in a new way and tap into undiscovered depths of your Power.

Connect powerfully with elite executives like yourself in a small, collaborative setting where you'll create lasting relationships.

And, You’ll Leave with a Powerful Personalized Action Plan with specific steps to create a thriving and committed team culture.

'"Suddenly you'll find you are no longer being driven, you are in the driver’s seat." - Thom Dennis

Here's How it Works

  1. You'll Discover what is Driving You.

  2. You'll Heal and Harness the Drive for a new level of confidence, contentment, creativity, and control.

  3. You'll Create a Powerful, Personalized Action Plan that Will Transform Your Life and Leadership.

And, you'll get the ongoing support you need to make it sustainable.

Get your ticket now to attend! $10,100

Book now for $9,750*

Exclusive Event …Limited Spots Available!

*50% OFF scholarships are available to individuals

who wish to attend, but are not supported by a corporate organization.

Book a call here to access the special tuition ($4,875).

Price available until August 26.



Facilitator, speaker, consultant, change agent and educator

Thom Dennis is the CEO of Serenity in Leadership, a culture remodelling, change and leadership consultancy. He is an international speaker, voiceover actor and Amazon #1 published author and has been featured on both BBC TV News and radio and as a thought leader in over 320 articles in industry-leading publications such as CEO Review, HR Zone and HR Director in just the last two years alone.

With over 30 years’ experience as an Executive Coach, Facilitator, Change Maker and Leadership Developer, and having served 17 years as an officer in the Royal Marines, Thom has been hired by global banking, pharmaceutical, energy and engineering brands such as Citigroup, Royal Bank of Scotland, Pfizer, AstraZeneca, GSK, Conoco Phillips, Shell, BP, Centrica and Transocean to name a few.


Speaker, teacher, entrepreneur, ​podcaster, innovator and game-changer.

Christina has consulted with businesses, teams, and individuals from ​around the globe and has been a founder of several businesses & ​non-profits including Co-Founder of I Corporation, Founder of Get Energy Aware (a non-profit promoting clean energy in 2007). She has been involved ​in a wide variety of industries guiding people to uncover their ​authenticity (Essence) and lead from their hearts and their minds. ​She holds a Masters in Business, Innovation, & Entrepreneurship from HEC Paris and is Podcaster of Essence Reveal Podcast & Invoking Feminine Wisdom Podcast, and a Speaker and Trainer in Executive Networking Events, Unlock Your Legacy Leadership, Art Schools Network USA, and NIBLS (National Innovative Business Leaders Society).

Meet Christina Courtright Jenkins and Thom Dennis





“Thom came at a time in my career where I needed the ​counsel and wisdom of a man who had been there and ​got the T-shirt! Thom has a great listening style and ​the ability to help you deconstruct the issues you may ​be facing and guides you to possible solution ​pathways. I know my line manager saw an immediate ​change in my interactions with my peers and leaders, ​and using his words—I became more comfortable in ​my skin."

- Luigi G Martini FRPharmS, MBAProfessor in Pharmaceutical Innovation, Roche Pharmaceuticals Ltd



"Christina is very rare and unique. It’s not often that ​people can blow you away with their level of aliveness, ​compassionate presence and high level of integrity by ​which they live, but Christina does. She is a conscious ​creator and can read any environment with ease to ​know how to add value. She is self-aware and has a ton ​of life experience across many different industries ​and disciplines. She has a gift of being loving and ​direct at the same time. Christina is a powerful leader ​and also a humble student."

-Korby Nield, Performance Healing



"I highly recommend Thom Dennis for executive ​coaching, change management and leadership ​development. I have worked with Thom in my ​capacity as a executive of a global energy company ​and he has consulted with me in one on one settings ​as well as on various team projects. Based on this work ​I would rank him as one of the very best consultants I ​have ever worked with."

-Denyce TreybigGulf Coast Restoration Organization and Strategy & Regions Executive Office of BP America


You will be staying in the beautiful Villa Sumaya located on the shores of Lake Atitlan. Your stay will include workshops and training, interaction exploration, group and individual exercises, a Humanitarian service experience, and coaching from Thom and Christina.

Enjoy access to over 20 acres of lakeside paradise on sacred and ancient Mayan land, gourmet meals, landscape gardens as well as transport from and to the Guatemala City Airport and Villa Sumaya.

Villa Sumaya contains spa facilities such as a sauna, hot tub and swimming pool. There is also a juice bar and homemade treats at the snack bar. And a free massage to the first 10 people who register.

It's an All-inclusive, Luxury Event Including…

5 days of workshops, curated activities, training, meditation, intentional ​movement, personal time for integration, rejuvenation, and transformation.

6 nights in luxury accommodations. Transport from and to Antigua to the venue (vehicle & boat)

17 gourmet meals from dinner on September 24 through breakfast on ​September 30

Access over 20 acres of lush outdoors, Lake Atitlan, and landscaped gardens

A small group of elite leaders like you whom you can meet and build strong connections with

You'll leave...

Completely transformed. A lighter, better leader.

With a sense of peace, and control over your life and your business

Powerful, personalized action plan about how to move your life and business forward for the next 6 months…and beyond

Ongoing support to stay connected with the community and coaches after the retreat through periodic calls and networking, included in the price of the ticket.

This transformative retreat is designed to explore the depths of your inner world ​and equip you with the tools to lead from a place of balance, alignment, and confidence.

You'll have ​the opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals, and engage in meaningful, life-changing conversations and activities that will challenge your perspective and ​inspire your leadership.

Get your ticket now to attend! $10,100


The First 10 People Who Register Get a Free Massage.

Exclusive Event …Limited Spots Available!

*50% OFF scholarships are available to individuals

who wish to attend, but are not supported by a corporate organization.

Book a call here to access the special tuition at ($4,875).

Price available until August 26.

"The leadership of the future is going to be about being in touch with ​one's gut, with one's core, because all the motivations that drive ​organizations today are not going to work in ten years." - Thom Dennis

Watch the Videos Below to Learn More

Leading Through the Void Retreat Overview

Location and Course Content

Benefits of the Retreat

Humanitarian Side of the Retreat

Is Your Company Sending You to the Retreat?

Here are just a few reasons why your company would benefit from sending you to the retreat:

Companies thrive when leaders thrive. You are their most valuable asset. To remain ​competitive and innovative, today's organizations require leaders who are fully ​expressed, authentic, and present.

You’ll come back rested, with fresh ideas and a personalized plan about how to lead the business and your team more effectively.

You’ll learn valuable communication skills and get clarity in decision-making and handling conflicts.

You'll build team culture through experiential learning, observation of perspectives, ​patterns, beliefs, and actions so that lasting transformation will positively ​impact your organization.

If you’re ready to become an inspiring and motivational leader full of freedom, focus, and renewed energy and vitality for life…


"Christina is brilliant at helping me see a bigger ​perspective so I can make the best choice for me, my ​team, and my students. She offers insights I had not ​previously considered as well as encouragement. ​Christina is supportive and helps inspire people to be ​authentic, accomplish their goals, and grow personally ​which is exactly what I have done with more ease and ​flow through my work with her."

- Sara S., Educator & Department Head


My work with Thom really helped me. I came ​away with a greater sense of balance and feeling a ​weight had been lifted. Thom helped me get ​through difficult times enabling me to emerge all ​the wiser and backed up by a team full of ​newfound confidence."

- Senior Commissioning Manager of Global Bank


Christina has taken away the fear and given me a ​sense of calmness and understanding in how to ​craft my work.

Now I can be me and speak from ​my heart. She has been phenomenal in getting to ​the heart of my message and business. She has a ​gift of asking the right questions."

- Jean Marie Russo, Speaking of Success


Who is this retreat for?

CEO's, executives, and entrepreneurs who want to improve their skills, renew thier vitality, and lead with more passion, purpose, and confidence.

What happens after you register?

After you register, you will have a conversation with Thom & Christina.

Then, you will have access to exclusive content, via email, ​that will prepare you for the Retreat and support leading up to the Retreat. Plus, access to Thom and Christina in pre-retreat Zoom Calls.

If, through the interview process, it is realized that this Retreat is not in alignment, ​you will receive a full refund. 

Should I encourage my teammates to attend with me?

YES, absolutely, it will be a game changer for your team!

How many people are on the trip?

The retreat is limited 22 people. The first 10 people who sign up get a free massage.

What is the cancellation policy?

100% (minus $300 non-refundable deposit) 60+ days before the start of the retreat 50% (minus $300 non-refundable deposit) 30-59 days before the start of the retreat 0% 0-29 days before the retreat

When does the early bird pricing end?

Early Bird Pricing - available before June 26th - $8,360

Regular Registration Pricing - before August 26th - $9,750

Last Minute Pricing - $10,100

Are there a scholarchips available?

A Limited number of 50% off scholarships are available to individuals who wish to attend, but are not supported by a corporate organization. Book a call here to access the special tuition.

Will I have individual or shared accommodations?

Prices are based on shared accomodations, you will have the opportunity to select private (an additional $490 at check out).

How will I get from the airport to the property?

We will pick up all attendees from the Guatemala City Airport (GUA) and transport you via vehicle and boat to the property and back.

Is it safe to travel in Guatemala?

Yes, Guatemala is a popular tourist destination with over a million tourists visiting each year. From the moment you land, you will be in our care. The venue is incredibly secure and safe, and we have expert local knowledge on hand.

FAQ image

What time does the first activity start?

The first activity will take place at 8:00 am each morning. It will consist of a mindfulness practice such as yoga.

Do we need to attend all events?

You are invited to all the events, and you have complete freedom with your time. You get to choose what you will attend or what activities you will participate in. There are many choices in how to invest your time on this retreat.

If I partake in all the events/activities available, will I still have time to explore and enjoy Guatemala?

Absolutely! There will be plenty of opportunities each day to explore, rest and enjoy the area.

Can I have more information about the venue?

You will be staying in the beautiful Villa Sumaya located on the shores of Lake Atitlan. For more details, reviews and tons of pictures, visit the venue's trip Advisor listing here.

Still not sure if this retreat is right for you? Click here to book a call with Thom.


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